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24/7 Customer Support is as Necessary as Having Great Games

You love gaming at an online casino.  We at Slots Real Money will recommend only the finest online casinos.  A great online casino has games, variety, excellent banking options, and much more.  One of the overlooked aspects of any good online casino is its customer service. 

Two Facets of Customer Service

Customer service has two specific aspects to it.  The first is that the casino should have 24/7 customer support.  Nowadays, this is taken for granted but it shouldn’t be.  The casino employs a team of customer service representatives to be on call every moment of every day.

The casinos we recommend have worldwide reach and whilst players may be sleeping in one hemisphere, they are happily gaming in the other.  So, the casino goes to some expense to be available at all times.

The second aspect of excellent customer service is response speed.  Most online casinos offer customer support in chat, telephone, and email.  Chat is available quickly and at all times.  But if a casino is understaffed, it might take them some time to answer the phone or answer an email communication.

That’s why it’s important to know that the casino has not only 24/7 support but enough personnel to respond to you quickly.

Learning the Games

The most popular game at any full-service online casino is slots.  A good 24/7 support slots casino not only has over 100 excellent slots but it has staff on hand to answer every question you might have.  No matter how large the FAQ page is at the casino, gamers will find things to ask about.  That’s what the customer support staff is all about: answering all questions.

In slots, it happens that a player will begin to play a slot that he or she had never played before and a subtle nuance in the gameplay confuses them.  This is often the reason the player needs slots real money support and gets in touch with the casino.

As it happens, slots are the most straightforward of all the casino games.  New gamers at a casino often have a number of questions in games like video poker and blackjack.  These may very well be answered on the FAQ page but many gamers like to have a fuller discussion of the rules with a real person rather than to rely on a short answer in FAQ.

Always Know the Games Well

One thing we say again and again is that you need to know every game you play well.  The 24/7 customer support team is there to help you do exactly that.  The trained staff may know the answers to a lot of general questions but if you have a question on a subtle point in the gameplay of a game, the customer service representative at a good online casino will not try to give a fake answer nor will he or she try to answer without the necessary knowledge to do so.

In these cases, which happen more often than you might think, the representative is expected to go to a manager in the service office.


Another area that gets a lot of questions is banking.  There are two most frequently asked questions.  The first is why the casino requires gamers to give so much information about themselves.  The second is why the casino takes more time to send a withdrawal than it takes to accept a deposit.

The answer to both questions is fairly simple.  The casino needs to know a bit about you because it is responsible to make sure that you don’t gamble money you can’t really afford to lose.  The casino doesn’t go into your private bank account; it merely wants some proof that you can afford to make the deposits you would like to make.

The reason the casino takes more time to verify and expedite withdrawals is that the casino is responsible for the safety of your money whilst it is in an account there.  No one will try to hack your transaction as you are making a deposit but there are hackers out there trying to hack withdrawals.  One way of taking money that is yours is by simply pretending to be you.  So the casino asks for recent identification such as the most recent electric bill.  Casinos do this in order to further protect your assets and if you ask for an explanation, the customer support staff should calmly explain it to you.

Terms and Conditions

Every casino has a lengthy terms and conditions (T&C) page.  Most gamers don’t read the T&Cs but everyone should.  Gamers who do read the T&Cs often contact the casino with questions.


Another area where representatives are trained to answer questions is in the area of casino bonuses.  Whenever you take a bonus from the casino, you have a play through obligation.  This means that you have to play a factor of the bonus before you can withdraw winnings.

It is very common for a player to take a big bonus, play for a while, and try to withdraw the remainder of the money and cannot do so.  The service rep calmly explains the principle of the play through requirement.

Another area of bonuses that leads to many questions is the comp points promotion.  Many players question why they received fewer comp points than they expected.  The most frequent answer is that comp points are earned faster in slots than in other games.

Importance of 24/7 Customer Service to the Casino

Although the cost of a fully staffed customer service office is fairly high, the top online casinos all have 24/7 service. The most astute casino managers realize that the better their customer service is, the happier their gamers will be and that leads to many repeat visits from the same players.

Think about how you feel when you get good service at a store.  The store doesn’t give service when it is closed.  The casino, however, is never closed.  So, the casino has to have better customer service than even the highest end stores!

You’ve come to expect it – as you should.  And here, at Slots Real Money, we make sure our casinos fulfill that expectation!

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