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Anytime you transfer money online—whether it’s to buy a holiday package, a new pair of shoes, or a book—you want to be sure that no one would be able to steal your personal information.  You might be sending your credit card number via cyberspace or your bank data if you’re registering at any of many online sites.

One such site might be an online casino.  One of our jobs at Slots Real Money is to help you keep your money safe.  You want to play safe and secure slots for real money.  That’s why every online casino that we recommend is a fully trusted slots casino.


This technology is the key to any online site that deals in money transfers to be able to protect your money, your information, and your privacy.  Encryption reminds us of codes that have been used in warfare for many centuries.  Most people don’t know this but the ancient Greeks and Romans used primitive forms of encryption to make their long distance messages hard to decipher.

Ironically, people who today like to solve anagrams would find the early Greek and Roman encryption systems almost amateurish.


Until the digital age, all codes fell under the broad category of cryptology.  Languages are also a form of cryptology.  Even when two languages use the same alphabets, if you don’t know how to decode the run of written letters or the flow of sounds, you won’t understand the language.

Being able to decode a run of written letters is called reading.  Speaking a language is the ability to run sounds together in an understandable way.

There is a common cliché amongst expatriates that they speak their native language when they don’t want the kids to understand what they are saying.

The kind of cryptology used in the transfer of data and money online is nothing more than very highly sophisticated ways of “parents” speaking a “language” their “kids” don’t understand.

Code Breakers

We might fast forward to the famous code breaking teams that worked primarily in World War II.  These codes were far more difficult to break and yet they stand as very early encryption methods compared to the methods used today by any reputable slots, real money, SA, online casino.

The most famous code that was cracked during wartime was the Enigma machine of Germany in World War II.  The Italians and Japanese also had machines similar to Enigma but those codes were easier to break.  It took years to break the German version of Enigma and it led directly to the Allied victory in the war.

It is noteworthy that the earliest versions of Enigma, which date from the end of World War I, were used to protect commercial transactions.  This means that modern encryption is not the first such method of protecting information; modern encryption owns only two distinctions: they are digital, suitable for the internet and they are harder than any encryption system before them to break.

How Modern Encryption Works

Obviously, modern encryption systems have to be safe and secure online.  This means that these systems have to take into account the efforts hackers make constantly to break through the encryptions systems.

At this point, a fully scientific explanation of encryption might get really boring and we know that you want to get to the games rather than spend a lot of time learning stuff that PHDs study for years to master.

So, here is a short version of how encryption works.

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SSL Encryption

There are several types of digital encryption.  The first was called Lucifer and was developed by IBM in the 1950’s.  By the 1970’s several others had come on the market as the earliest digital encryption software made customers choose between speed and power to encrypt.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer.  We have found several online sites that attempt to explain SSL technology for laymen but they get far too involved and complex for the average person.

Here is the simplest way we know to explain SSL encryption.

First, there is communication between your browser and your internet server.  The browser is free and you pay your server for its service to you.  Your server works hand in hand with your browser.  You can use any of a number of browsers such as Google or Firefox but you’ll have only one server.

You ask the casino to accept money from your credit card.  You might use any of many deposit and withdrawal methods but for simplicity we’ll use credit cards.  The browser asks the server for a secure web page.  The server sends two pieces of information to the browser.  This information is called a public key and a certificate.

The browser checks to make sure that the key and the certificate belong to entities it recognizes as safe.  If the browser determines that the request came from a safe source, it sends a unique encryption code back to the server.  The server and browser continue to communicate with each other each using its own public key to decipher the information it has received and to send back new information.

How Many Data Combinations Are There?

We read often about SSL 128-bit encryption.  This means that when the server and the browser are talking to each other, there are 3 with 35 zeroes possible combinations.  The server and browser use only one.  For a hacker in the modern world to find the one and to identify who the entities are that are using it is far more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack.

Nevertheless, there are also 256-bit encryptions and some that have even more possible combinations.

Importance of Encryption

As we said earlier, we use the internet to send and receive many pieces of important or simply private information.  Even if we aren’t using the internet to make financial transactions, we do use it for e-mail and social media.  From a political perspective, many people wish that their e-mail and their social media sites had the same level of encryption as the online casinos we recommend.

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